Free white-labelled benefits calculator

The COVID-19 economic crisis has unveiled another pandemic that has been brewing in the UK over many years, financially vulnerability. The last FCA’s financial lives survey found over 50% of UK adults displayed at least one characteristic of vulnerability while a report from Legatum Institute highlights that 23% of the UK population are now in poverty.

Like healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 pandemic; welfare advisers, affordable lenders and other money charities are at the forefront of this crisis supporting vulnerable people on their money worries and troubles. However, in many cases, these organisations have limited resources and capabilities to launch the data & digital solutions that would allow them to identify, reach and serve financially vulnerable customers.

We are passionate about financial inclusion and develop data & digital money management solutions that meet the specific needs of financially vulnerable people. For example, helping them to access their benefits, prioritise their debts, or find the best debt solutions according to their circumstances and situation.

We profoundly believe that collaboration between different companies with complementary skills is the only way to drive financial inclusion and ensure an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we are excited to announce our free white-labelled benefits calculator to support welfare advisers, affordable lenders and other money charities in their data & digital journeys.

Our offer

Welfare advisers, affordable lenders and money charities will be able to use our free benefits calculator to:

  • Support your customers: You can embed our benefits calculator across your digital assets (e.g. webpage, mobile apps, social media, blog posts) to help your customers to access the support available to them with a simple, quick and user-friendly user journey.
  • Understand your customers: You will be able to use our data analytics application to unlock the full power of your customers’ data to better understand their needs and behaviours.

Our free white-labelled benefits calculator also includes the following features and services:

  • Widest benefits coverage of national, regional and local benefits in the UK – you can see here the benefits and grants we currently calculate.
  • Data analytics application where you will be able to monitor the application usage and visualise the personal circumstances, financial situation and benefits entitlement of your customers.
  • We will customise the benefits calculator according to your branding and will co-create content to help your customers to understand how they can make the most of their benefits.

You can check how Advice Direct Scotland and Capital Credit Union are already using our free white-labelled benefits calculator.

Get in touch to explore this offer in more detail and discuss how we can help you to deliver data & digital solutions to drive financial inclusion.