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Inbest Welfare helps to put more money into the pockets of vulnerable households!


Vulnerable households are missing £17bn in benefits per year:

  • There are over 50 benefits and grants offered by government, regional and local authorities.
  • Applying for benefits is a complex process where individuals with limited financial capability have to search for financial information and fill lengthy forms.
  • Eligibility criteria depend on changing people’s circumstances and financial situation, but the system is not capable to pick-up these changes and individuals underclaim their benefits or are exposed to overclaiming liabilities.


Inbest Welfare is a white-label application, widget component and partner API that:

  • Calculates the entitlement to government and regional benefits in the UK.
  • Analyses how benefits adjust to changes on household’s circumstances and financial situation.
  • Estimates households’ potential benefits and monitors their benefit entitlement.
  • Generates the information and forms households need for their benefits’ application.


Inbest Welfare offers the following benefits:

  • Identify households with underclaimed benefits.
  • Support vulnerable households across the end-to-end benefits process.
  • Simplify the benefits advice process and keep up-to-date on benefits’ regulations.
  • Include benefit income in the loan assessment process and open-up credit to those in receipt of benefits.
  • Embed benefit advice into your digital applications, customer journeys and data pipelines.

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