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Almis selects Inbest to power their
digital wealth advisory platform

Inbest has announced that its technology has been selected by Almis Informatica Financiera (Almis), a leading financial platform in Spain.

Almis will use Inbest platform to power their FIT Advice solution – a goal-based financial application to help financial advisors to provide cost-effective tailor-made financial advice, improve their productivity and spend more time on the services that require empathy such as understand customers’ personal circumstances, helping them prioritise their financial needs, and facilitate decision-making. FIT Advice is built on the award-winning FIT platform, a fully integrated front-to-back-office product suite used by leading financial institutions in Spain, France and North Africa.

Almis has selected Inbest because they offer an end-to-end solution that includes customer bank and investment account aggregation, customer profiling, cash-flow and tax planning. Inbest platform is easily consumed through an API allowing digital teams to quickly deliver personalised banking experiences.

“Our customers are increasingly demanding sophisticated financial planning tools to differentiate their digital advice propositions and provide wealth management services to the retail and affluent markets. Thanks to Inbest we were able to launch a market-leading goal-based financial planning application, and we are confident that we always follow the best practices in financial planning”, said Aitor Biain, CEO of Almis

“We are delighted that Almis has selected Inbest to power their digital wealth advisory platform. Almis has been a great partner for Inbest, they work with tier-one financial institutions and their FIT solution is gaining strong traction in the Spanish and North African markets”, said Manu Peleteiro, CEO of

About Almis

Almis is a leading technology platform for banks and investment companies in Spain, France and North Africa. Almis offers Financial Intelligence Technologies (FIT), a fully integrated front-to-back-office product suite for banks and investment companies, as well as specialised quantitative and technology consultancy services. Founded in 1994 Almis works with leading financial service institutions including Santander, Credit Agricole, Laboral Kutxa, Wizink and Kutxabank.

About Inbest

Inbest is a banking personalisation platform that helps financial institutions to understand and serve each of their customers. Financial institutions use Inbest to power customer analytics platforms and financial management apps.