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Our benefits calculator includes three key features to increase benefits uptake:
Proactive Nudges, a White-label Calculator, and a Data Analytics tool.

Why people don’t claim their benefits?

In the UK, over 8 million households miss out on £19 billion in unclaimed benefits and discounts annually. The key reasons include:

  • Lack of awareness about available welfare benefits or the assumption of not being eligible.
  • The complexity and fragmentation of the welfare system.
  • Social stigma and general apathy towards money management activities.

We've developed our benefits calculator focusing on:

  • Breaking down barriers to enable easier access to benefits and discounts.
  • Supporting customers throughout the entire benefits lifecycle, from raising awareness to sending application reminders.
  • Integrating into existing products and services for a seamless user experience.

Proactive Nudges

Our proactive nudge feature raises awareness about unclaimed benefits and counteracts the negative biases associated with stigma and apathy. The system keeps customers informed about the next actions they need to take and guides them directly to our white-label benefits calculator where they can complete these actions.

These nudges can be integrated into web and mobile apps and can also be delivered via push notifications, text messages, or emails.

  • Nudges are personalised based on the customer's circumstances, financial situation, existing benefits, and potential additional benefits.
  • Messages are aligned with the customer's current stage in the benefits lifecycle, whether it's raising awareness, making a calculation, or applying for benefits.

Benefits Calculator

Our White-label Calculator simplifies the welfare system by aggregating all available benefits and discounts into a personalised, user-friendly application. The calculator also makes decision-making easier by monitoring the benefits customers are already receiving and highlighting those that remain unclaimed.

The calculator is available as a standalone application, an iframe, and a front-end library. Our partners can seamlessly integrate these into their websites and mobile apps, offering the following key features:

  • The most comprehensive range of benefits available on the market.
  • Guidance on the specific steps customers need to take to access their benefits.
  • A tailored list of organisations offering free and independent welfare advice.

We offer several versions of our calculator to suit different needs:

  • Calculator for customers.
  • Calculator for advisers.
  • Retrofitting grants calculator.

Data analytics

Our Data Analytics tool provides complete visibility into customer engagement, offering detailed insights into customers' circumstances, financial situations, and benefit eligibility. The tool comes with a set of pre-configured dashboards, and our partners also have the flexibility to create their own custom dashboards and automated reports.

The tool captures and displays non-personal data generated by our benefits platform, enabling our partners to:

  • Segment customers based on their circumstances, financial status, and benefit entitlements.
  • Monitor customer engagement and get insights into their financial circumstances and benefit eligibility.
  • Make A/B tests for ongoing optimisation of user engagement.
  • Share valuable insights into customer behavior with colleagues and stakeholders, highlighting the positive impact on customers' financial wellbeing.

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