Data Analytics for
Local Authorities

Inbest Data Analytics enables Local Authorities to combine their administrative data with our benefits calculator. This easy-to-use application provides rich insights into residents’ profiles, supports the design of Council Tax Reduction Schemes, and helps councils manage targeted benefits take-up campaigns.

User-Friendly Web Application

Inbest Data Analytics is a self-service web application tailored for Local Authorities. From day one, users can leverage preconfigured dashboards to get immediate value from the service. Users can also build custom charts and dashboards, and export data to their systems.

Additionally, the analytics tool includes comprehensive reporting and sharing features, enabling Revenues & Benefits teams to distribute key insights and custom MI reports to stakeholders throughout the council.

Resident Insights

Local Authorities can get comprehensive insights about residents’ circumstances, financial situation, and current and potential benefits entitlements. Our tool offers a detailed view at various administrative levels, from council-wide and parish to individual households, empowering Local Authorities to understand and address the specific needs of their communities.

Modelling of benefits and grants

Inbest Analytics enables Local Authorities to compare potential Council Tax Reduction scheme designs. Users can configure and simulate new schemes, providing detailed visual comparisons of the outcomes, including the financial implications for the council and the impact on vulnerable residents.

In addition, Local Authorities can use Inbest Data Analytics to configure and simulate targeted support programs. This functionality enables councils to understand the potential costs of new hardship schemes and assess their reach and impact on residents.

Targeted Benefits Take-up Campaigns

Local Authorities can identify residents eligible for additional national benefits and discounts, such as Pension Credits, Social Tariffs, and Free School Meals. Councils can also identify residents struggling with debt, offering tailored support through initiatives like the Council Tax Discretionary Relief Scheme.

With this data, Local Authorities can launch targeted benefits take-up campaigns, proactively letting resident know the additional benefits they can get and display a unique link or QR code to our benefits calculator. This enables residents to easily find out all benefits they are eligible for and understand the steps necessary to claim them.

After the campaign has been launched, Local Authorities can monitor campaign engagement and track the usage of the benefits calculator, sending reminders to those who have yet to engage. Councils can also update their administrative data to monitor benefits uptake rates, answering a critical question for every Revenues and Benefits team: “What are the confirmed additional benefits that our campaign has generated?”

Get Started with Inbest Data Analytics

We are committed to supporting Local Authorities in improving the financial well-being and resilience of their residents. As a result, we offer a free plan with the Resident Insights module – visit the analytics product page for more details on our different plans.

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