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HomePointr uses Inbest to launch a solution
to help individuals find affordable housing

HomePointr and Inbest are collaborating in the development of an application to support vulnerable customers to find affordable houses, improve their financial wellness and resilience. This Personal Financial Management application allows customers to:

  • Aggregate their bank accounts to get a holistic view of their finances;
  • Compare their expenses to people similar to them and set a monthly saving target;
  • Check whether they are missing any income benefits; and
  • Find a house adapted to their personal circumstances, financial situation and needs.


HomePointr and Inbest are also planning to add functionalities to allow housing associations to manage the housing application processes, automate the credit and affordability assessment, identify tenants with problems paying their rent to offer them personalised payment schedules alongside free financial guidance.

Fash Fasoro, CEO at HomePointr, said: “We envision a world in which everyone has access and the ability to search and find a suitable affordable home without wasting time and energy. We are starting to test the solution in the market, and our beta users highlighted that they love the simple and easy to understand interface.”

Manu Peleteiro, CEO of Inbest, said: “We are clearly seeing in our customers’ banking data that the portion that we have to pay to meet our housing needs keeps escalating. This has a profound impact not only on our day-to-day finances, but also on our family relationships and future aspirations. We are delighted to work with HomePointr to try to alleviate this problem.”

About HomePointr

HomePointr is a platform for connection social housing companies with applicants and referral agencies. HomePointr is an easy to use digital platform to help affordable housing providers to deliver great customer experience, lower their technology development costs and improving their operating efficiency.

About Inbest

Inbest is a banking personalisation platform that helps financial institutions to understand and serve each of their customers. Financial institutions use Inbest to power customer analytics platforms and financial management apps.