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We are extending our coverage of Scottish benefits and grants

Scottish vulnerable households are missing around £1.4bn in benefits per year as they are not aware of their benefit entitlement.

We are excited to announce that we are extending our coverage to the following Scottish benefits and grants:

  • Scottish Child Payment;
  • Kinship Care Allowance;
  • Best Start Grant;
  • Best Start Food;
  • Free School meals;
  • Help with school clothing costs;
  • Child Winter Heating;
  • Education Maintenance Allowance;
  • Carers Allowance Supplement;
  • Discretionary Housing Payment;
  • Job Start Payment; and
  • Funeral Support Payment.

This new feature will help our partners to make sure that this support gets to every family who needs it. Drop us a line to see Inbest Welfare in action and explore how to embed benefits advice into your propositions.