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We are joining forces with the
University of Edinburgh
to improve financial well-being

We are working with the University of Edinburgh Business on a research project to measure, track and improve the financial well-being of UK consumers. The research project will evaluate whether:

– Consumers have a sustainable spending pattern and manageable debt levels to maintain their existing lifestyle.

– Consumers have enough rainy day funds to face unexpected events.

– Consumers have adequate saving capacity to ensure that they will be able to maintain their lifestyle at retirement.

Raffaella Calabrese, Associate Professor at University of Edinburgh Business School, said: “From buying our first car or home to saving for retirement, the financial decisions we make play a major role in shaping our lives. Yet the majority of people still find it difficult to access the right knowledge to help them make the best choices, which in too many cases can lead to debt and poor financial well-being. Working in partnership with we hope to change this, by finding a new way to help people find the right advice about how to manage their money. One of Scotland’s most exciting Fintech prospects, we’re especially pleased to be working with a company which focuses not only on finance but people.”

Manu Peleteiro, CEO of, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with world-class academics in behavioural finance, financial mathematics and machine learning to alleviate a problem faced not only by UK citizens, but by consumers across the world. This project is also a great example of one of the main strengths of the Scottish Fintech ecosystem, collaboration across public bodies, research institutions and private companies”.

About Inbest

Inbest is a data analytics platform that aims to democratise the access to wealth management. Inbest enables financial institutions to provide a holistic, personal and realistic financial planning service. Our platform automates the financial planning process by gathering and analyzing customers’ financial data.