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Modular benefits platform

Inbest is a modular platform that offers a simple and progressive integration.

Benefits calculation engine

In the UK, there are hundreds of benefits and grants managed by the central government, regional governments, and local authorities. Our calculation engine simplifies these complex regulations into an easy-to-use API, allowing you to focus on building innovative digital solutions that improve the financial well-being and resilience of your customers.

Our developer-friendly API offers the following features:

  • The widest benefits coverage available in the market, including benefits, grants, social tariffs, and local support schemes.
  • Automated benefits checks based on available customers' data.
  • Personalised and proactive nudges to influence and encourage customers to take action.

Benefits calculator for customers

In the UK there are over 8mn households missing £16bn in benefits. Our partners embed our benefits calculator across their digital journeys to identify customers with unclaimed benefits and help them to maximise their income, reduce their bills and build their financial resilience.

Our benefits calculator is available as a white-label application, iframe and frontend library, and offers the following features:

  • Dynamic questionnaire where customers introduce their personal circumstances and financial situation.
  • Benefits dashboard where customers can view their benefits entitlement and key information of each benefit - amount, payment frequency, description and how to apply.
  • Tailored list of organisations that can provide specialised advice on benefits, debt and money management.
  • Book appointments with free and independent welfare advisers.

Benefits calculator for advisers

Welfare advisers face several challenges to make free, impartial and independent money advice more widely available:

  • Benefits advice is a complex and time-consuming process that involves numerous players and regulations.
  • There is limited availability of advisers and their capacity is restricted by administrative and manual processes.
  • People do not tend to address their money problems proactively and only contact welfare agencies at the point of crisis.

Welfare advisers use our benefits calculator to add income maximisation features to their existing case management systems and CRMs. Our benefits calculator offers the following features to automate and streamline advisers' workflows:

  • Embedded benefits calculator and what-if analysis to design the right financial solution for each customer.
  • Automatic synchronisation of customers’ data between advisers’ CRMs and the benefits calculator.
  • Triage application where customers can enter their information and book appointments.
  • Off-the-shelf integrations with popular CRMs used by welfare advisers.

Data analytics

Inbest captures, processes and displays the data generated by the benefits platform. All data is non-personally identifiable information and includes customers’ circumstances, financial situation and benefits entitlement.

Our partners use the analytics application to understand, improve, and communicate the impact they are making on customers’ financial lives. Our data analytics application offers the following features:

  • Segment customers based on their circumstances, financial situation and benefits entitlements.
  • Monitor customers’ engagement and get rich insights into their circumstances, financial situation and benefits entitlement.
  • Monitor experiments and A/B tests to drive continuous improvement.
  • Share customers’ insights with colleagues and stakeholders.

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Whether you want to improve your customers’ financial wellbeing or support your advisers to become community heroes, Inbest is the platform for you!