Benefits calculator

Inbest is a modular platform available as a white-label application, frontend library and partner API.

Benefits calculator

In the UK there are over 8mn households missing £16bn in benefits. The most common reason why people miss their benefits is that they are unaware of the benefits they are entitled to or assume that they are not eligible. The only way to make sure that people are aware of their benefits is by embedding a benefits check in complementary services they are already using.

Our partners embed our benefits calculator in their customers journeys to make sure that people maximise their income, reduce their bills and build their financial resilience:

  • Calculates the entitlement to benefits, grants and local support services.
  • Helps people with a disability to calculate the level of support that they need.
  • Signpost customers to the websites where they can apply for their benefits and find personal money advice.
  • Monitors households’ benefit entitlement and notifies them about any change.

Money guidance

In the UK there are 9 million adults that live with debt-related problems and only 1 in 5 can access debt advice services. Households face the following barriers to access free, impartial and independent money advice services:

  • Creditors don't have a proactive and formal referral process to direct customers to impartial debt advice agencies.
  • People do not tend to address their debt problems proactively and only contact debt advice agencies at the point of crisis.
  • Customers have to wait up to 4-6 weeks for their appointments with debt advisers.

Inbest improves the referral process between creditors and debt advice agencies:

  • Explains the implications of non-payment of bills and debts.
  • Signpost to the support available on benefits, debt, housing and money management.
  • Customers can find personal money advice services and book their appointments.

Financial advice

Welfare advisers face several challenges to make free, impartial and independent money advice more widely available:

  • Benefits and debt advice are complex and time-consuming processes that involve numerous players and regulations.
  • There is limited availability of advisers and their capacity is restricted by administrative and manual processes.
  • There are no digital services that identify over-indebted individuals, provide 24/7 support and monitor households’ financial and debt situation.

Inbest help advisers to automate their process, increase their capacity and focus on delivering financial advice:

  • Identifies vulnerable customers.
  • Calculates the entitlement to benefits, grants and local support services.
  • Works out whether customers are still liable for their debts, which debts should be paid back first and suggests the debt solutions that are available for each customer.
  • Integrates with CRMs to automate advisers workflows.

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Whether you want to improve your customers’ financial wellbeing or support your advisers to become community heroes, Inbest is the platform for you!