User Journeys for
Income Maximisation

Financial Services, Fintech, and Software companies integrate income maximisation features
into their user journeys, ensuring that their customers access all their benefits and discounts.

Affordability Assessment

Our partners incorporate our benefits calculator into their affordability assessment processes across a range of products and services, such as personal lending, home improvement loans, arrears management, debt collections, and debt advice.

This allows them to:

Money Management

Our partners seamlessly embed our benefits calculator into their customer portals, mobile apps, and specialised sites for welfare benefits.

This enhances their offerings by:


Customer Insights

Our partners leverage our benefits engine to enrich existing customer and resident data with potential additional benefits and discounts. Using this enriched dataset, they identify individuals with unclaimed benefits and notify them through personalised alerts about further benefits and discounts for which they qualify.

Our partners use the following data sources:

Partners stories

“We look forward to working closely with Inbest and hope that making their benefits calculator available through our MoneyHelper website helps millions of households who are currently missing out to maximise their income.”

Michael Royce
Senior Policy and Propositions Manager
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“Making Inbest’s innovative benefits calculator available to our customers provides a critical avenue of support against the backdrop of increased cost of living pressures. Collaborating with Inbest on this pilot allows us to provide relevant, tailored and personalised insights, so we can provide support where and when our customers need it most.”

Kristen Bennie
Director of Innovation & Partnerships
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“The cost-of-living crisis is affecting us all, and we want to ensure Barnet residents know what financial support is available to them and how they can access these services. It is very positive to see Barnet is the first local authority to launch this free tool, and we hope to see many other local councils doing the same to help their residents.”

Cllr Barry Rawlings
Barnet Council Leader
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“Our Income maximisation tool is proving to be so powerful for the consumer in such difficult times. I was so surprised at the high percentage of consumers that had no idea they could qualify for vital extra income.”

Dylan Jones
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“Benefit applications are overly complex and require customers to search for financial information in their bank statements. Through our new partnership with Inbest, we’ll take the pain away from this process, ensuring the most up-to-date information is being provided to our clients and their customers to create the best possible financial outcomes.”

Susan Rann
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“Salad Money uses Open Banking to check whether loan applicants are eligible for benefits they were not claiming. Astonishingly, seven out of ten applicants don’t claim all the benefits they could and on average they find more than £5,000 per year."
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“Scotcash is determined to help customers build their financial well-being. If they don’t access the benefits they are due, people can end up in worse financial situations. We’re thrilled to see the immediate impact that Inbest benefits calculator is having on our customers’ lives.”

Sharon MacPherson
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"By leveraging this tool, we can provide our users with a comprehensive overview of their entitlements based on their circumstances. This empowers users to embark on a journey where they can provide a complete picture of their current situation, enabling them to access the full range of benefits available to them. Importantly, this process not only identifies benefit entitlements but also sheds light on other social tariffs and discretionary grants that individuals may qualify for."
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"CU Apps has integrated our benefits calculator into its mobile banking apps and chatbots, enabling Credit Unions to identify members who may be eligible for additional benefits and encourage them to explore the support available to them."
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“Inbest provides a fantastic opportunity for our clients to offer additional support to those not making the most of their benefits entitlements. We are helping credit unions to provide additional ways to improve their customers' financial well-being, and there's no doubt that this is one of them.”

Andrew Duncan
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“We are proud to partner with Inbest in the development and use of their innovative benefits calculator. As the only tool which calculates devolved benefits, it is a vital resource to improve the financial wellbeing of people in Scotland.”

Pamela​ Stewart
Deputy CEO
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“With over 8 million people estimated to be missing out on benefits, we are keen to help people seeking support through our portal access all the benefits they are entitled to. We’re also delighted to work with Inbest to enable multiple customer journey options for an embedded and seamless experience.”

Ren Hooi
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