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access to wealth management

Inbest is a data analytics platform that automates the financial planning process

How Inbest helps



Help your customers to feel confident about their personal finances

Financial Advisers


Strengthen customer relationships by focusing on the emotional aspects of financial planning. Deliver a premium service with a holistic financial planning system

Financial Providers

Financial Providers

Remain a trusted partner for your customers by helping them to improve their financial health. Automate and standardise the financial advice service across your firm

What is Inbest?

Inbest is a data analytics platform that automates the financial planning process


Provide a premium service combining customers’ personal circumstances, financial situation and their goals together with your financial products, market expectations and tax regulations


Empower your customers to understand that the money they save and spend today will have a dramatic impact on their financial future. Allow them to explore what is possible based on their actual behaviour, not what they believe or say they will do


Help your customers to make the most of their hard-earned money by taking the right level of risk and optimising their taxes

“We use Inbest to power a module for goal-based financial planning. It would have taken years to acquire the knowledge and develop the technology ourselves, with Inbest we were able to integrate the modules we needed in days. With Inbest we are also confident that we follow the best practices and methodologies in financial planning.” Aitor Biain, Almis CEO