Design of Council Tax Reduction Schemes

Visionary Network, Ascendant Solutions, and Inbest collaborate with Local Authorities to design their Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS). Combining our extensive experience in Revenues & Benefits with our software and data analytics tools, we deliver customised designs, in-depth impact analysis, and enhanced communication of CTRS. Our primary focus is ensuring financial stability for councils and safeguarding vulnerable households.

Customised CTRS Design and Benchmarking

We collaborate with stakeholders across the council to design scheme options that meet the council’s specific requirements. By leveraging our interactive benchmarking tool, councils can explore and select features from other councils’ CTRS, ensuring a customised design that aligns with budgetary constraints, prioritises the protection of vulnerable households, and simplifies administration. This approach combines stakeholder engagement, customisation, and smart use of technology to efficiently and effectively design CTRS options.

"We used InBest's CTS Modelling Tool to get a better understanding of the structure and configuration of CTS schemes across London. Inbest provided us with a detailed comparison table that outlined the key characteristics of each council's CTS scheme, providing further insights and confidence whilst considering alternative models for our scheme at what is a challenging time for residents and authorities."

Darren Smith
Finance Manager Revenues & Benefits, London Borough of Barnet

Comprehensive Impact Analysis with Interactive Modelling

We evaluate the potential impacts of proposed CTRS using detailed caseload data to help councils forecast potential savings and assess the risk of Council Tax arrears. This service delivers an in-depth analysis of how various schemes impact residents’ financial well-being and their ability to pay Council Tax. Our interactive modelling tool enables stakeholders to easily compare and analyse different scheme options, ensuring that councils can make informed decisions that balance budgetary considerations with the needs of vulnerable households.

We recognise that understanding the key features of other authorities' CTR schemes, determining how they could be applied in Salford and the impact they would have on our residents is key in helping us redesign our new CTR scheme. We quickly discovered that the practicalities of researching those schemes and understanding them were very resource-intensive. It took a great deal of input from the authorities we reached out to and a lot of attention to detail recording the findings leaving us only able to do this with a select few and didn’t give us the confidence to understand what was out there and what might work in Salford.

The InBest CTR Modelling tool has been a game-changer for us. Using the tool, and the support from Manu, has meant that in a very short time, we have already identified the finer details of all the authorities already using the kind of CTR scheme we are interested in. The data has meant we can determine the most common features of those schemes, which require information over and above that provided in a UC claim and compare the impact of those schemes on customers individually and across our full caseload. We have only just begun but already have significantly more confidence that we will be able to design a scheme fit for purpose in Salford and give our Members confidence that we have considered everything we could in getting to that design. We highly recommend the InBest CTR Modelling and the services of Manu and the team.

Penny Mitchell
Council Tax Service Manager, Salford Council

CTRS Rewrite for Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency

This service addresses the critical need for clarity and accessibility in CTRS documentation. By rewriting the scheme in plain language, it simplifies the application and assessment processes, reducing the administrative burden and the likelihood of appeals. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures that eligibility criteria are communicated effectively, potentially increasing scheme uptake and compliance.

Planning to Design or Review Your CTRS for 2025/26?

Let’s collaborate on your new CTRS! We’re here to support you at every step, guaranteeing a seamless launch. With our expertise and proprietary technology, we’ll help you design a scheme that not only secures your council’s financial stability but is also easy to administer and safeguards your vulnerable residents.

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